Why do we need a FREE Internet?

Why are we building a free internet?


It’s a long list so we’ll give you our top 3.

1.) Freedom

All over the world governments both deny and restrict their citizenries access to the internet as well as censor opposing voices. They have forgotten who they serve.

2.) Privacy

Governments & Corporations track and censor everything we do online. Whether it’s to get dirt on a political opponent or sell you the next new batman figurine… It’s wrong. Your online identity does NOT belong to you in todays internet.

3.) Access

It’s 2018 and still we have countries with no infrastructure or access to the internet. We aim to fix this.

Skywire will allow any individual with access to a computer to become part of a peer-to-peer, blockchain based alternative internet; Secure and private that gives the power back to the people.

There is no room for surveillance or censorship on our network. Users are safe from being hacked, tracked or jacked. You are your own VPN.

“Privacy and security are not something that can be duct taped on the top level of a stack. It requires the proper design of every component from the hardware, up. Skycoin takes a mathematically strict, elegant approach that allows a simpler implementation by having a self contained protocol and ecosystem.”